Home, Sweet Home!

Painting: Rabindranath Tagore

CHAITYAPATRIKA is a constant source of ideas, and activities. Ideas, sometimes even bizarre, keep us going. We have inherited the deep structure of thoughts from the Santiniketan legacy as was envisioned by Tagore himself. Research means essentially multidisciplinary activities here, Culture remains in cross-cultural activities only. Well, we are speaking of Santiniketan, not Visva-Bharati the central university, nor is the geographical region at its present state of affairs.

Idealism? Yes, gladly! Except that our idealism fancies to see every aspect of life objectively and materialistically. Finding the meaning of the true dialectics of Life, that is our ideal. Our interest ranges from poetry to cartoon,music to mathematics, politics to painting, and Cinema – of course Cinema! Even the New Age media owes a lot to the cinematic art, the most modern art-form of the twenty-first century.

Join us! Help us grow. Help us spread the message of Rationality, Pluralism, and Peace.

Amen to that!!