Custom Download

Our music archive is open for all our members. However, that archive contains music in lossy MP3 format. For the audiophiles we have launched a new service. Here you may ask for any of your favourite music in uncompressed format.

  1. We don’t charge for the music. The copyright is always with the author, or it is already in the public domain. But bandwidth is costly, and it’s getting costlier.
  2. Moreover, some of the audio files are restored, digitally re-mastered at our premises. We also charge for the remastering services.
  3. The usual format that we deal in here is .wav, with sampling frequency 44,100 or 48000 Hz and bit depth 24.
  4. The usual charge is calculated on 5 minutes unit, or fraction thereof. A five-minutes raw clip is available for Rs. 90.00 (incl. all taxes) (44.1 KHz), and Rs. 105.00 (48 KHz). Higher bitrate (32-bit float) is also available at for Rs. 1.00/MB for the raw (not remastered) file. For example a 17-min unmastered file (44.1K, 24-bit) will be calculated as 4 units = Rs. 360.00, and the same when remastered (48K, 24-bit) will be charged Rs. 720.00
  5. Add Rs. 300.00/hour of every restored file.
  6. Two different download methods are available; Direct or P2P. Please state your preference clearly.
  7. Finally, do understand that these are mostly recorded on poor recording devices, and hence studio quality will not be available even after remastering.

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