An Appeal to Sanity

Now when the skull has walked out of the closet all on its own, now when both the insane ultimate objective and the method in this madness with all its capricious tools have been exposed, we think it’s the high time to resist. We at Chaitya Patrika think that it is our primary responsibility to take the political fraudsters by their necks who relentlessly try to fool people in the name of Culture. Yes, we are a Cultural hub; not a political organization, nor are we a terrorist outfit or state machinery who can make or break the laws. But it is also our duty to expose and resist an evil Cultural hegemony. We vow by the Indian Constitution, and we respect the Constitutional Indian citizen with all his fundamental rights – right to live as s/he wishes, undisputed if not unilateral right to her/his property/trade/faith etc., and the right to dissent if necessary. Being very much connected with the contemporary history of Bengal, we know we have some of the best tools to pull down this insanity, and hence “Bengal Resists”.

Before we move on to a threadbare discussion of the objective and the method of insanity that prevails, let us remind ourselves that no single person/organization can handle so much of consorted fakery that we Indians are forced to indulge with in every walk of life. Hence we invite some of the most sensible folks and some of the best brains nation-wide to join hands with us. We invite you to the six-day long National Symposium on “Culture and Nationalism: The True Indian Identity” (CNTTII), currently to be held at Jadavpur University campus in collaboration with AFSU and informally JUTA, starting on August 11, 2017. The details are to be found at >> Schedule.

We are also planning to hold similar events at some other cities in India, preferably with the local flavour and the local fervour added to each of them. Join us at any of your convenient location, and also please keep in mind that we are by no means a cash-rich company, and not many corporate sponsors share our views, and hence the whole endeavour is crowd-funded. If you can, donate! Please find the buttons on the top and bottom of this page. We will acknowledge immediately.

Our Analysis and the Wireframe of Discussion [Long Text:Click Here]