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On this page we offer downloadable music files. The downloads are strictly restricted for the members. One free download is offered as usual. All of these files are either published by us or are unpublished concert recordings, digitally re-mastered at our facilities. We respect the copyright of the artistes, and therefore DO RESTRICT THE USAGE FOR PERSONAL/ACADEMIC LISTENING ONLY. Violators will be prosecuted, both by the artistes and CHAITYAPATRIKA.

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Direct DL – Chaitya Patrika

Vidushi Dr. Prabha Atre

Bihag (33:53)
Chandrakauns (52:02)
Kalavati (Live) (33:25)
Kirwani (41:10)
Lalit (29:19)
Madhukauns (Live) (23:39)
Patdeep (44:32)
Rageshree (live-1970) (41:41)
Ramkali (56:39)
Shankara (36:02)
Yaman Kalyan (57:28)
Yaman (62:29)

Total 08:32:23

Vidushi Srimati Kishori Amonkar

Ahir Bhairav (67:07)
Bhinna Shadaj (23:08)
Bhoop Nat (29:23)
Bhup (36:55)
Devgiri Bilawal (7:05)
Jaijaiwanti (33:28)
Kedar (51:37)
Malkauns (72:13)
Marwa (short) (6:44)
Marwa (39:36)
Nayaki Kanada (27:33)
Rageshree (59:56)
Sampurna Malkauns (44:57)
Savani Nat (51:32)
Yaman (89:34)
Yamni Bilawal (ITC Calcutta 1977) (34:44)

Total 11:15:41

Pandit Ranadhir Roy, Easraj

Adana (19:26)
Ahir Bhairav (39:09)
Bageshri (46:08)
Bihag (61:47)
Bilaskhani Todi (76:37)
Desh (21:07)
Jaijaiwanti (17:40)
Jaunpuri (29:57)
Miyan-ki-Malhar (95:25)
Shree (long) (46:54)
Shudh Sarang (45:58)
Shyam Kalyan (59:30)

Total 9:53:11