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Business model

How Chaitya Patrika works & what it offers.

  1. Chaitya Patrika is a crowd funded endeavour.
  2. It runs on the Subscribers’ Money.
  3. All apparently commercial ventures of Chaitya Patrika is either donated to an Arts related cause or is saved as development fund of Chaitya Patrika itself.

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  • Chaitya Patrika has currently five levels of Subscribers.
  • The levels are different in usage and access rights.
  • Level 1. For the passive readers only. We have a live blog section that keeps uploading serious articles and other noteworthy works. By sparing less than 100 rupees a month, you get access all those restricted content. You also get access to our digital library that keeps rotating from an unending list of ebooks.
  • Level 2. This level is for the active people who would also like to publish their works on our platform that is widely shared across various Social Media. They are the Social Contributors. You may publish unlimited number of your essays and articles, and also may have a personal blog-site with us in the form of Social Contributors are also entitled to listen and download rare recordings from our Web Archive of Music. (mostly Hindustani Classical).
  • Level 3. It is for the Artists and Photographers. At this level, you have access to our online Art Gallery, its Reference section (books and images). An Artist is also entitled to sell his/her works from his gallery or ours. In case of a sale, Chaitya Patrika reserves only 15% of the proceeds for its development fund, which is half as much as other galleries would charge.
  • Level 4. PRIVILEGED members may get promotional assistance from us. He can download all our published material for free. More, if he is an author, we publish and distribute his book. If he is a musician, we publish his CD album, and/or invite him to hold a concert at our events (usually a couple of them every year.)
  • Level 5. ASSOCIATE members are also provided with assistance in enhancing or acquiring their personal skills on one-to-one basis. An aspiring AND promising music student will be put through proper online tuition mode conducted by able mentors. A budding author will receive thorough and threadbare editorial assistance, and so on. Our list of able mentors spreads wide across all art forms, including New Age media like Graphic Novels etc.

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