Chaitya Patrika (ISSN 2394-8493) was launched as an e-Journal back in 2009. It aspired to become a Publication House publishing magazines, books, CD (audio and video) and graphic novel. What it turned after 8 years of journey that seemed never so easy, is a Cultural Hub in addition to everything else that it wanted to be. We are thankful to our readers and patrons.
Chaitya Patrika has three distinct functions.

  1. It is a publishing house. We publish Books, Music albums, and Films. We have our special focus on the extremely talented but less publicized authors, whether young or from the yesteryears. We also have an eye on the Graphic Novels, and path breaking research. We have our own assessment team, that may send and recommend your works to high impact peer reviewed journals. Irrespective of the international editors’ opinion, we may carry your works with due diligence, and you get the due credit all the same, if we decide so.
  2. We are a multilingual online journal covering a wide range of genre from literary fiction, music, film review articles, essays to piercing cartoons. We also maintain a formidable web-library of ebooks and Classical Music files, and the members of the journal can access that library.(It is hidden from the non-members.)
  3. Last but not the least, Chaitya Patrika recognises its social role and responsibility. As an association of a few privileged people who had had access to the world of knowledge, we believe it is our duty to disseminate scientifically and logically coherent knowledge to the under-privileged. Not all reified products of our colleges and varsities may be privileged enough to have gotten exposed to a coherent epistemology. However, for the time being we refrain from commenting on the general education designed for the middle-class aspirants, and concentrate on the economically backward.
    We also have undertaken to send a few to school at our cost. WATAN is a brand launched by Chaitya Patrika in order to carry out mainly this stream of activities, though WATAN may not be limited to social work only.

Physical Address
132 Subodh Park, Flat 2/1, Kolkata 700070

Contact: 9051042656