Chaitya Patrika Archive of Restored Music

Ustad Amir Khan, Suha Sughrai, 1957

The Problem Identified

Chaitya Patrika, in its pursuance of a unique service to the Heritage of Indian Music, has taken up a huge project of creating an online repository of great musical recordings that are yet unpublished but are mostly in the public domain. The recordings are mostly circulated among the niche circles of private connoisseurs, even institutions, who are often very protective about their possession; they won’t usually share what they have. Some collectors on the other hand believe in dissemination of treasure and they do upload rare recordings on Youtube and various social platforms. Unfortunately, in both cases, the condition of the recordings are mostly worn out, the audio almost destroyed. So, hope to earn some royalty on one hand, and unnecessary copyright complications on the other hold back a huge treasure of our lives in the abyss of darkness, while innumerable students and music lovers get deprived. Certain dishonest business houses in the mean time, extort huge money from the desperate music listeners in exchange of old, worn out tapes and vinyls.

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What do we do?
We acquire, sometimes procure, unpublished concert recordings of the old maestros of (mainly) Hindustani Classical Music, clean them up with absolutely professional software (like the one playing in the background), publish them (check our Products) if the Copyright issues are resolved amicably, or showcase them in our archives with proper attributes and metadata. We do take this trouble for two reasons.

  • To preserve the treasure that legacy has produced in the best possible form.
  • To aide the research projects towards machine learning and deeper understanding of Hindustani Classical Music.

The service is FREE for SELECT students of Music (Selections is absolutely at our discretion); but others too can listen or download the tracks for a nominal fee. We charge for the bandwidth or stationary charge only.
We don’t sell music UNLESS we have the absolute copyright. Please don’t ask to buy.
Where does the accrued money go?
All the money gathered go to royalty payment first, and the surplus goes to CP-ARM development fund.

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Do join us. Donate/Share Generously.