Lakshmibai Jadhav (1901-1979)

Lakshmibai Jadav (1901-1979)

Vidushi Lakshmibai (Laxmibai) Jadhav was a Baroda-based singer and a near contemporary of Surashree Kesarbai Kerkar. She was under the tutelage of Ustad Haider Khan, who in turn was the brother of Ustad Alladiya Khan the doyen of the enigmatic Jaipur-Atrauli Gharana. Lakshmibai was therefore one of the major exponnts of the Jaipur style of singing, who later mentored many disciples including Vid. Dhondutai Kulkarni.

Her music comprised of rare modes and compound (and therefore complex) modes typical of Jaipur. But unlike her other contemporaries, she also recorded some remarkably non-Jaipur stuff, of course not without moulding them in her inimitable style. Her hallmark is probably the extraordinary speed and clarity in her taankari.

[Ed. Note – I am not particularly fond of most of these Jod (compound) raga, which I’d often call mermaid ragas, especially those like Lalit Bahar, which would rather display the woman once and then the fish with a bat of the eyelid, both in their completeness. But with Lakshmibai, it’s a different treat altogether. -CP]

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Vidushi Laxmibai Jadav (1901-1979)

Lakshmibai JadhavAdana (78 RPM)3.05Y(es)
Lakshmibai JadhavAhir Bhairav24.41P(artial)
Lakshmibai JadhavBasanti Kedar24.42P
Lakshmibai JadhavBhairavi (78 RPM)3.07Y
Lakshmibai JadhavBhairavi10.39P
Lakshmibai JadhavKhamaj (78 RPM)3.04Y
Lakshmibai JadhavLalit Bahar30.01Y
Lakshmibai JadhavNand8.19P
Lakshmibai JadhavParaj28.24Y
Lakshmibai JadhavPhoolshri27.49Y
Lakshmibai JadhavSohni (78 RPM)3.07P