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CPI(M) vs. MP Ritabrata

After closely watching the entire row, having lived through it for the last three decades, and trying to read between the lines, my reaction is, those who are opposing Ritabrata in this tussle and in fact spreading hate messages, have no moral rights either to ask for popular votes again. True that the party has handled the whole affair shoddily, illegally, and the inquiry commission was a total mess; but at the same time, popular vote or “mass base” as you’d call it cannot be the raison d’atre of a Communist party – however small or big. The resolution at the Salkia Plenum to take part in the parliamentary process, the excuses then given for that, and the way the resolution was interpreted later on, post eighties, was a complete revisionist goof up. If the party is trying to rectify and distance itself from the blunders committed, let it be so.
As for me, I am not hopeful that the current leadership is competent to run the organization on a hardcore Marxist-Leninist line, but Ritabrata and the likes are products of a rotten phase when the party deviated from its own line. He is the product of that time when populism was the norm. In those days, a fish in the market would be asked to justify its price by proving its ability to climb a tree. Power-hungry communists are more evil than the inhuman centrists, stands only next to the far right fascists. If the party wants to abandon its failed experiment of poking its nose in the peoples’ daily lives and thus creating a beneficiary group who would help them to perpetually cling to the parliamentary power – they are no different from the other parties like TMC etc., and such abandonment is more than welcome. Please keep in mind, that when you were thriving for the populist stance that would have had saved you from the disaster, the people have already rejected you, showed you the doors.
I have sincere doubt if Mr. Karat and his stooge who would decide the theoretical premises are competent to handle the new phase, but I hope somebody will come up in near future who can. Compromising ideology with the bourgeois liberalism must stop. There is no comrade outside the party. Period.
But if one wants to become a leader of the masses, the messiah, within the constitutional framework, he should perhaps go join the band where Ritabrata will be the bandmaster. For others, organizing the proletariat and preparing them for the peoples’ democratic revolution is far more important than benefits granted by the Constitution.

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  • Swapan says:

    Very correctly said and Ritabrata is the product of CPI(M). Anti people and counter-revolutionary party and more dominantly started populist program instead of accelerating class struggle at the time of left front rule and coterie system had its strong grip under Anil Bose.Greedy anti Marxist people have been recruited inspire of their vices. They are the betrayer of proletariat cause and engaged in rampant corruption practice. Now the question is we need again a helmsman to lead a revolutionary communist movement and practise Marxism and Leninism under the indian situation.

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