Tongue in Cheek – 02

Ever asked a painter about what his work of art “means”? You won’t if you are sensible enough. However, the naive usually gets slammed with this.

“People ask me why I painted this and what it means.
Art is not to be explained verbally because that detracts from the interactive experience that is shared between artist and viewer on a purely empathetic plane. When you and I connect on that plane through canvas and paint, some of the interpretations mine, some yours, and together adding to our experience, mere words cheapen and diminish that moment of understanding by circumscribing our thoughts in a prosaic manner, often bringing it down to the level of rhetoric, pedagogy and moral catechism.

I will however make an exception for this painting, given the times we live in, and the circumstances we are going through in our generation.
Reflect on the submissiveness demanded of us, of what hopes we birth and send out into this world, and what lies in wait to claim the innocent.”

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