Music of Ancient Sumerians

Archeological discoveries in the Middle East over the last several decades have • brought to light new musical documents that have greatly increased our understanding of ancient music. Texts that describe Babylonian musical notation have been uncovered at Ur and Ashur, and compositions written in this system have been found at Ugarit and Nippur. These discoveries have helped to define a clearer picture of the Sumero-Babylonian musical an, and, while information on the subject of Egyptian musical notation remains obscure by comparison. several verbal descriptions of instrumental performance and several extant musi-cal documents have been identified. Fortunately, Greek compositions and music theory texts survive in relatively greater numbers and continue to be identified; recently transcribed musi-cal documents in Greek notation found at Oxyrhynchus in Egypt are hewt here for the first time. (The bulk of the extant Greek repertoire can be heard on be Organographia’s “Music of the Ancient Greeks” PRCDIOOI.)

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