Jhumra: A proposed movie

Presented here is a tentative movie proposal as submitted to PSBT, a central government run funding organization, and as expected, was summarily rejected. I guess I have now no obligation to the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), and hence am presenting it before the readers.

Jhumra is a 14-beat tala in the domain of Indian music with a unique character. Unlike all other 14 beat equivalents popular as well, this one uses two half-beat claps that add a special feminine character to the rhythm, joyous yet deceitful. It is easy to ignore or smother the half-beat pattern, but its character goes amiss. Jhumra and its variations became the leitmotif of our protagonist’s relationship to the world. It is an amalgamation of two different true stories, though enacted on screen by a single actor. Two possible endings, one tragic and another, are explored in the film.

About the film: the Storyline

C Parthapratim

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