Cut to the Chase

If you believe that anybody other than the Hindutva-vadi forces was responsible for “Partition” – you are just an ignorant fool! Start reading history. BJP-RSS nexus is cunningly shifting the blame on others, while the reality is that their predecessors instigated and expedited the hasty partition along religious lines. “Two-Nation theory” was not Jinnah’s brainchild, it was first proposed by a British pseudo-historian who wrote “History of British India” (Vol. I published in 1817). It was Savarkar who took the baton from the Brits, and Jinnah was just a petty opportunist to exploit Savarkar’s moronic idiocy to his own advantage. The “Unfinished Partition Project” is RSS and Hindu Mahasabha’s project. The animosity against Muslims or other religious minorities is driven by that Two-Nation theory. The Indian population has nothing to with it. All these CAB/NRC, Kashmir projects are theirs, and they are taking the uneducated Indians for a ride. If you are one such, leave me alone. I don’t care whether you are connected with me in Facebook or real life, stay away from me, or else wear box-guards when I kick your balls hard.

Justice can be delivered only by a judiciary system after due diligence. If you believe in “instant justice”, you are just uncivil and barbaric and a believer of vendetta. You are unworthy of any civil discussion. Remember, the politics that I am involved in, can be violent, much more gory than you can imagine. We are trained to take lives, as well as to save lives. If you have never saved one life ever, you are NOT ELIGIBLE to talk about taking lives. Stay away from me, because we identify you as an ENEMY OF THE SOCIETY, and you ARE on our hit-list someday, somewhere.

If you believe that abrogation of Art. 370 has bought you some time, and that the Kashmir people deserve to survive under clamp down with no business, no communication, no school, no medical support – you belong to a PRISON just where your preferred leaders belong to. You are subhuman.

Finally, in case you deny that the Indian Economy after Demonetization is on a free fall and that now it has reached a point of no return, you belong to a LUNATIC ASYLUM. It’s your imbecility that has brought us here, and we refuse to take responsibility of your retard mindset. Better declare yourself “bankrupt” because you are going to be one soon.

Last but not the least, if you think numbers can give you immunity against any batshit, just remember that millions of flies eat shit, and you too are therefore entitled to that. Majority opinion is often wrong. And more so, when you try to pass your minority opinion (18% of the total population) as a majority opinion by means of coercion and cunning.

The sooner you get lost, the better for you.

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