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What is my take on this Pulwama issue that has taken the entire North India under siege, and also some parts of the East as its hostage? Apart from all these Facebook ban theatrics, and the endless stream of hysterically abusive messages poised with threats to me, my properties and my family – I see basically two things in it. One is, a complete breakdown of the system of general education during last forty years at the least; and the second is the complete predictability and hence irreparable vulnerability of the Right-wing narrative dished out by this current power dispensation. Allow me a rather structured discussion on it.

We the People: Who are we?

The kernel of the BJP discourse rests on the shoulder of something called the ‘Hindu Asmita’, the collective ego of the Hindu populace in India, and also scattered over the rest of the world. Thus, it always was a fantasy on which the discourse stands. ‘Hindu’ is no homogenous religious group, not a single religion by any means. There are sects among this populace identified as the Hindu (or Hindoo, following T. B. Macaulay’s and his contemporary blokes’ spelling) who follow religions of which the basic tenets contradict each other. It includes Saivites, Lingayets, Vaishnavites, Shaakto, Tantric, even Tantric-Buddhists, Nath, Naga, Aghori, Avadhut and other minor sects, tribal primitive religions, and over a hundred of other belief systems and cults and subcultures. How come all these come under a wide umbrella term Hindoo has no explanation in theology or philosophy as such. It has a more accurate and historical explanation that it’s the Brits who had done this classification and charting of the Indian religious groups for the first time. They knew who were the Muslims, Christians, even Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists there who conformed to their respective lifestyle stereotypes. All what they didn’t know were blanket charted as Hindoo. Later on, the Hindu Mahasabha, RSS, even Congress drew on this fantastic piece of wisdom of some semi-literate English convicts serving as office-bearers of the Empire here – and the damage was done. The later scholars ignored this pertinent bit of information at their convenience, and further obfuscated the scenario of the religious identity. The RSS-BJP nexus exploited this obscurity to their advantage in course of constructing the ‘Hindu Asmita’ narrative, because the Leftist camp that turned law-abiding Social Democrats shied away from some fundamental and unique problems of the Indian society ever had. Who needed that Asmita redefined for them? It’s the Hindi heartland people who have been dominated not only by the British colonizers, but also by the Bengali, Marathi, and Southerner hegemonic leaders who were then at a vantage point because they imbibed the English education and the knowledge from the other world too. The Left were not there to nullify the venomous effort of the RSS by hammering this historical fact into the peoples’ head. The right-wingers were given the free hand to conduct their evil experiment of social engineering. A society built on hatred and intolerance conjured up. They defy not just the knowledgeable people, but the entire epistemology itself. The hatred there was against anything non-Hindu, and all the largest political parties in the multi-party system fell prey to it. The judiciary too remained inconsistent by relying on the written codes, half of which was framed by the colonial lords and by virtue was anti-people, anti-Indian. Thus, the collective ego as fantasized by a dominant group (read the Manuvadi upper caste Brahminists) among the ‘Hindu’ infiltrated all narratives, institutions and the forces; Forces with a capital ‘F’ are the men in uniform. That is how RSS has infiltrated our military and paramilitary system. The right-wing narrative even infiltrated the otherwise Left-wing camp through the easy baits of populism. Hence we have become a society of completely cynic, intolerant, hateful, war-mongering bunch of puppets irrespective of the Left-Right-Centre political affinities. The “Indian Identity” as fantasized and augmented by reverse-engineered historical discourse is the easiest bait for which all Indian citizens will fall.

Back to Pulwama Attack: The Gullible Indian

Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. [Samuel Johnson, 1775]

It came at a time when the General Elections (GE2019) is knocking at the door, strong anti-incumbent waves had cornered the ruling party BJP at a tight spot from where there was no apparent escape seen. The six-point anti-incumbent charter of agenda was haunting the rulers like nightmares.

  1. The Farmers were demanding relief from their miserable state of economic affairs. Massive rallies took place at various parts of the country demanding loan-waiver, freedom from the debt-traps set by the big capital, rational and amiable return on their investment after every cropping cycle, and so on. The government is clueless about the real solutions of these issues, and they have been literally gasping and finding the last straw before they sank. At the same time, country-wide strike demanding minimum wage for the workers in the organized sector had had an explosive response. The farmers’ rally alone costs BJP five state assembly elections.
  2. The rate of unemployment has reached an unprecedented high of over 6%, massive rallies were taken out by the employable youth and the academicians who make them employable in the first place. Rallies were there against the 13-point roster system which is discriminatory against a big section (almost 18% of the population) and further increases the rate of unemployment. Fudging of data, presenting fictitious data and such petty things didn’t help.
  3. Deliberate blunders like demonetization, hasty introduction of formless, shapeless mass of GST imposed on the business class and many other similar tweaks in the rulebook have had broken the backbone of the economy, most part of which belongs to the informal sector. The obvious results were reflected in the breakdown of the banking system as a whole with an unprecedented hike in NPA. Money in the market has a unidirectional flow now, from the public exchequer –> PSU banks –> the SME sector –> big capitalists like reliance etc. and from there the money disappears like it did in the IL&FS case. This skewed unidirectional flow is a well-planned one, in fact that is the raison d’être of this government. However, to obfuscate that plain and simple truth, they have tried everything from removing two successive RBI Governors, replacing expert advisors by puppets and hand-picked morons; they have now jeopardized the prime investigating agency even. The financial sector is on the brink of a complete collapse.
  4. The more than obvious corruption in the Rafale deal put an unbearable pressure on the government. More, there are several other stories afloat regarding the unholy nexus formed between the fraudsters like Nirav Modi, Mehul Choksi, Vijay Mallya, Anil Ambani, Gautam Adani, Jay Amit Shah on one side and the FinMin and PM on the other. ‘Chowkidar Chor Hai’ was rapidly becoming a legitimate slogan. The corrupt cronies of the PM are stinking all around.
  5. All major educational and cultural institutions are headed by incompetent jokers hand-picked by the PM and his advisory committees filled with RSS stooge. The FTII, BHU, ICHR are among the well-known names, not to mention the forums like the Indian Science Congress, the IITs, CBFC and quite a few more. Credibility of the Indian scholarship in the International arena has simply gone to the dogs, and they have been further reducing the research budgets, framing queer policies to stop genuine research works and so on. The aggressive fantasy regarding a fictitious glory positioned somewhere absurdly remote past has been hell bent on completely destroying the current educational system. Challenging every legitimate science, they have created their own bubble that never succeeded to impress the global scholarship.
  6. Finally, the vertical split along the fault-lines of the society gave rise to lynch mobs, not just against the beef-eaters of alleged cow-smugglers but virtually against any and all voices of dissent. Anybody questioning the government and its faulty, unfair, discriminatory policies and actions are termed anti-nationals, traitors and a host of other hateful coinages. In extreme cases they are charged with sedition (IPC 124A), NSA, and is investigated by police, even NIA. There has been a series of murders like Pansare-Kalburgi-Dabhole-Lankesh, and also a series of unjust, illegal arrests like Sudha Bharadwaj, Varvara Rao and all against ridiculously false charges. All because of the lynch-mob treatment of Dissent.

Now this was just about enough to pull down the arrogant government that assumed power in 2014, and GE2019 is just round the corner. The PM, and their party president knew that they have been Samuel Johnson’s scoundrels, they know they have blood on their hands, they have engineered genocide before, they have silenced people from Haren Pandya to Justice Loya, and they took their last refuge in the misconstrued patriotism that I discussed earlier. They know they can’t afford to lose the official power, because the moment they become commonplace guys once again, they land up in jail. Suicide attack happened, 44 innocent lives lost, and following that – terror is unleashed in almost all corners of India, that is Bharat. The terror affects the Kashmiri people there and outside Kashmir all the same irrespective of their professions, AND affects all those dissenting voices that question the validity and veracity of the narrative being dished out by the scoundrels, for the scoundrels, to the scoundrels!

‘The Terrorist Attack’: The shoddy job done

Since last few months, some of us who keep a close watch on the happenings around us were anticipating a drastic thing like this that could have saved the two scoundrels and their accomplices. A call for war with Pakistan was always on the cards, though we also knew that the call would be hollow rhetoric only, no war will actually happen. Indian Army right now is in no mood for opening up two war fronts at the same time. An air-strike in the POK zone in search of the international terrorist Masood Azhar would inevitably invite a counter-strike from China, apart from the legit resistance from Pakistan. China has developed huge properties in that zone, lots of Chinese citizens are working there, and the Peoples’ Army wouldn’t spare us if any harm is done to them. Also, not necessarily the Chinese Army would retaliate in the same zone only; they will launch counter attacks on Bengal and Arunachal too, if not the coastal targets at the same time. Indian army, fortunately, doesn’t run on idiots’ sentiments; they have their own methods and priorities. They are told to show their preparedness, and they threw some bombs in the Pokhran deserts from some old fighter jets. That’s all. This is the basic reason that the resolution passed in the “All-Party Meeting” that PM also didn’t think is important, didn’t take Pakistan’s or Masood Azhar’s names for once. That document is ‘worth less than the paper it was printed on’.

However, the scripted narrative was such that

  1. A convoy of 78 vehicles carrying around 2500 paramilitary men was travelling.
  2. Suddenly a SUV car appeared and hit somewhere around the middle of the convoy
  3. The SUV was carrying 350/200/80/60 Kg of RDX explosive
  4. It blasted itself and the bus that it hit
  5. 44 people died on the spot, and some more are critically injured
  6. The dead CRPF men are martyrs
  7. JeM claimed responsibility of the event within a few hours of the incident
  8. Police have immediately traced the suicide bomber who drove the SUV into the convoy, videos were made available where the suspected terrorist Adil Dar was seen waging war on India
  9. And a couple of other explosions happened in the next two days, claiming more lives.
  10. Two days later, an encounter happened where the “master-mind” of the blast and one of his aides were killed, along with four more service men of ours. [Case Closed].

What followed there was

  1. Communal riots were triggered in South Kashmir and Jammu.
  2. The Kashmiri students and tradesmen, who have long left their homes in Kashmir, were being threatened and harassed and beaten in Delhi, Himachal, Mumbai, Bihar, even Kolkata!
  3. One Kashmiri shawl fair in Bihar was burnt to ashes causing losses incurred in Crores of Rupees
  4. The dissenting liberal voices, people with some common sense, that pointed out to certain anomalies in the government narrative and called out for third-party investigations were silenced. Some of these people lost their jobs, some others arrested and heckled by the police with no apparently tangible charges against them, some others fled their homes and are underground right now, while many are blocked from voicing their dissent on the social media.
  5. Meanwhile, certain idiots and fake patriots keep bragging and chest-thumping the same way their mentor scoundrel does all along.

In my humble opinion, the follow up actions especially the last two are confirmations and a latent admission of the truth that the narrative about the dastardly incident is a fiction at it its best. Yours truly is currently banned from Facebook, but I am pretty happy that my posts hit right where it hurts. The wild juvenile reaction to the valid logic against the narrative is also proof that the ruling party BJP has absolutely NO ANSWER to the six-point anti-incumbent agenda. Period.

Let’s go back to the narrative once again.

  1. A convoy of 78 vehicles is a unicorn. After 2010 Dantewada massacre, it has been a standard protocol for CRPF in particular that no convoy can possibly comprise of more than 30 vehicles. Why there was this protocol violation, nobody answered as yet. Rumour (actually news) has it that CRPF actually demanded air-lifting instead of this 300 Km tiresome journey, because immediately after reporting, at their respective posts these men were supposed to join their duties. Their request was summarily rejected. Hence, no air-lift, no regular convoy, no additional security cover or air cover, these people were being transported the same way the cattle are smuggled from Haryana to Bangladesh!
  2. A SUV car is a pretty big thing, sized almost half a truck. Remember your neighbour’s, or was that you who owned it, Tata Sumo, or Bolero, or Inova car. It’s impossible for this big a car to snuggle into a convoy and go completely unnoticed and crossing almost half of it – at least 35 vehicles from any end. Why the car wasn’t stopped and checked? Did the check posts already knew what was cooking? Were they instructed to give safe passage to the SUV?
  3. Moreover, a 350-Kg RDX load can easily turn a 50 sq. Km. Area of any busy metropolis into dust! Had there been that big an explosion, the entire convoy would have been flying in the sky. Alterative versions are there regarding the amount of RDX. The moronic news anchors advertising their sheer idiocy everyday on the idiot box have come down to as low as 60-Kg. However, as I have already written in by banned Facebook post, 60-Kg RDX’s TNT equivalent is the total energy incident on a one-acre piece of land throughout the whole year! That’s enough energy, when released in a flash, equivalent to 10 common hand grenades detonating together and can blow 200-300 men in that spot into pieces. The death toll in this case is only 44! No one knows how.
  4. However, the car blasted, the diesel left in the tank also burnt, and the bus carrying the force personnel also burnt that too contained at least 30 litres of diesel when it happened, but somehow the debris there according to the images show only the SUV’s chassis and body; but the bus was almost intact with unburnt tyres with only the windowpanes broken! What is missing in the story?
  5. The dead CRPF men are being called martyrs! Sorry, they are not. Martyrdom does have a definite religious connotation, relevant only when a crusade is on; and that apart – the men didn’t die on duty even. Above all, the martyrdom is reserved for the Army, Navy and Air Force and not for the paramilitary force that CRPF primarily is. CRPF men are NOT soldiers; they are a specially trained police force. Even the Ministry of Defence would not allow them martyrdom and adequate compensation and pension to the family. The Indian Laws have no provision for conferring martyrdom on them. BJP and their followers are toying with the idea of martyrdom, and that is petty politics at its best. They are dead, for nothing. As dead as the as the farmer dying of a snake-bite in the field, but that’s all.
  6. JeM (Jayesh-e-Muhammad) was almost ready with their press note and media bytes. Within a couple of hours of the incident, they owned up the responsibility! Nothing could be more ridiculous than that. But wait, indeed there is more. Whether JeM actually owned up or not is another suspense story. BBC and two Pakistan-based media houses say that the JeM spokesman has summarily debunked any such claim regarding their involvement in the whole episode. But well, they are terrorists, and often work as paid mercenary, so who believes them. But, the problem is, a Wiki-editor from Kanyakumari, the southernmost part of Tamilnadu edited the wiki-page on RDX on the same date that is Feb 14 and inserted information about exactly how much RDX was used in this “terror attack”. He then came back two days later to link a media article to his insert. The funniest part is – he inserted the info almost three hours earlier than the actual thing happened, at 12:32 PM. Proof enough, that some people knew precisely what was going to happen. Such absolute callousness about security cannot be attributed to “lapses”. It is sabotage, or a drama set up by the “higher authority”.
  7. Next came there the video of one Mr. Adil Darr, allegedly the suicide bomber. Alas, the video is a fake one. What we get to hear from the soundtrack, is obviously not what the man actually said on camera. Nor the voice timbre on the sound track has any sign of being recorded from a distance, as the image suggests. It is a dubbed video. The repeated frames also tell us about the editing done by some very shoddy editor. Quite possibly, it was an IT cell production.
  8. And the most interesting part is – when people started calling out these anomalies in the story, another news came, where it was claimed that the “mastermind” behind the blast died in an encounter. All’s over. No evidence exists. All killed. But wait, so Azhar Masood wasn’t the mastermind? Why did JeM claim the responsibility then? Is it because JeM, and Azhar Masood was always in good humour with the BJP. After all, it was BJP who gave Masood safe passage to Masood some 20 years back.

So, what happened to my Facebook account? I raised these uncomfortable questions since the night of 14th itself, while others were dancing in the V-day parties. So, I was mass reported, blocked, not counting the abusive messages and comments and crank calls issuing death threats, and so on. I am told by one of my abusive followers that he has even lodged a FIR against me, which state I don’t know. Ok, let them be. My lawyer will handle the FIR, if any, but I will continue posing uncomfortable questions, and I have friends who will carry my messages to you all, with hundred times amplification factor multiplied to it. Open your eyes, that are wide shut.

The definite security warning.

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