ClassiQuiz 002

Hello Music Lovers,

From last week, we began a new game to engage you with our activities. We are presenting an audio clip (usually a concert recording) of an artiste. All you need to do is to listen to the clip carefully, and answer 5 simple questions below. If you do not know an answer, write “unknown” and move on to the next box. And please provide a correct email id, otherwise your response goes to junk. Easy, huh?!?
[Answer will be published next Saturday, June 16]

Last week’s Answer
Name: (nobody got it right) Prosenjit Chakraborty
Gharana: (27% got it right) Benaras
Raga: (80% got it right) Shudh Kalyan
Rating: (based on 100 visitors) 5/10
Commercial Prospect: 36% would buy CD (if any) (8% higher than industry average)

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