Relocating Fusion in Music


This paper aims at establishing the fact that the process of Fusion in Music is not confined within any specific bracket of space and time and is just as old as music itself. It is the process of (in-) fusion of various individualistic styles and genres that keep music going and growing forever. Fusion is a necessary tool for evolving music at any age, but however, artificial fusion ripped off its natural context and devoid of any contextual ‘meaning’ never worked. This paper also stumbles upon the notion that music sustains only when its history removes itself from the musical ‘text’ leaving it as the bare abstraction. Given that the critical framework at hand is perpetually falling short while analysing and evaluating the emergent trends of Music in general, we are in some dire need of a new meta-languagei dedicated to the New Age musical evolution. In order to evaluate our primary hypothesis and the related topics as such that would tell us about the originality and authenticityii of any given text, musical or not, we need to devise a new frame of reference and a new algebra of the whole process that is called music.


Fusion, Criticism, context, historicism, formalism, Indian, Classical, orchestration, Culture, critical philosophy, critical language