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WATAN has finally got a temporary registration number WB 51991/2017-18. The permanent number will be allocated after the first half-yearly review meeting scheduled at Sep. 2018. Here is a brief intro about WATAN.
WATAN SOCIETY FOR SCIENTISTS, RATIONALISTS AND ARCHIVISTS is a Public Charitable Trust operating from but not limited to Kolkata, West Bengal. Our main objectives include
1. Promotion of TRUE scientific temper (read Cartesian skepticism) among the people, and especially the school-going kids of the under-privileged part of the society.
2. Assisting the schools and students in Science Education
3. Fighting against superstition and irrational prejudices in all walks of life.
4. Revisiting Art & Culture from the scientific perspective and henceforth demystifying them.
5. Restoring recordings and maintaining both online and offline archives of Music, Film, and Theatrical Arts. (We would also love to include Visual Arts especially Editorial Cartoons in our archives.)
6. Creating and Publishing various educational materials through carefully designed events, workshops, and symposiums in order to disseminate Knowledge.
The initial structure is as follows
1. Settlor/Author: Parthapratim Chakravorty (yours truly)
2. Trustee: Suhanishi Chakravorty
3. Witness A. Monali Bairagi
4. Witness B. Anirban Chakraborty
The Governing Council will include all of the above and we have also invited Gautam Benegal (Mumbai), Atanu Dey (Delhi), and Farah Diba Israfil (Kolkata) to be a part of WATAN, and apparently they agreed (though signing the papers are pending). I am also inviting Susmita Biswas (Kolkata), and Charvak (Silchar, Assam) to join us.
The structure will be reviewed in the Annual General Meeting in February 2019.
WATAN has already some success stories under its belt. However, I’ll write about them in a separate post.
Earlier, before Oct. 2017, the activities were funded by yours truly alone, since 2014, and I am sorry I didn’t maintain detailed accounts of that part of the activities. However, routine liability from the previous projects, as of now, is INR 3700.00 every month, which is still my liability and it does not affect WATAN accounts. Since Oct. 2017, we have spent INR 44,600.00 on rescuing 3 stray kids (Usmana and bros.) and sending them back to their home at Karimganj (Assam), and rescuing, rehabilitating and sending back to family another kid Ashok Deogharia. Out of which, INR 16,000.00 is my humble contribution, and the major chunk came from the friends Hassan Rahman, Javed Waris, Farah Diba Israfil, Nibabari Gargi Banerjee, Bodhisattwa Maity, Atanu Dey, and Satyajit Mitra (who eventually left the group following a silly row). (am I missing some name? please correct me). This Oct. experience compelled us to formalize WATAN. The registration process took INR 27,380.00 so far, out of which Arjun Gourisaira (currently not on Facebook), Tarun Bhargava, Santanu Chatterjee, Farah Diba Israfil, Somnath Jana, Gautam Sen, Sukanta Ganguly (Atanu’s friend, not on my list) have collectively raised INR 14,500.00 and the rest has gone from me (leaving me at a tight spot rather, trying to dispose an unused camera to recover :P).
However, we are happy that the project is taking shape. And we want your cooperation in future too.
The details will be posted on https://watan.chaityapatrika.com and WATAN FB page.

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