Another stalwart bids adieu!

Pt. Buddhadev Das Gupta (1933-2018)

8 o’clock in the morning, and the phone rings. Usually I don’t take calls at that hour. It’s my time for tranquility, serenity; morning is the time for Riyaz. But this was a friend calling, one who is known for sanity, and it was imperative that I had to take the call – and the news broke. Pandit Buddhadev Das Gupta (1933-2018) is no more!

Not that it was unexpected. He was old. He was not well for far too long. But it had to come just about the time when we were planning to go to him for an interview for our upcoming web series on North Indian Classical Music. He was one of the rare senior-most musician who could have answered a few of our questions without mincing his words. His understanding of music, as all of us knew, was more through the rational thinking and technical aspects rather than vague and mystic non-theories as probably at the back of his mind it always played that he was an engineer in the first place. He was one of our Gurus who wanted to demystify music rather than immersing it further deep down into the abyss of obscurity.

However, I am nobody to write a review of his music or evaluate that against others of his league. Firstly because I am not an instrumentalist, and have rarely any clue about that particular instrument, Sarod. And secondly, I belong to a completely different legacy, call it a school/Gharana than his, and hence may not be able to do justice to some of the details. We will, at some point of time down the line prepare an Archival Release page with the unpublished concert recordings that I have in my possession, but as of now – I was just unprepared to take this.

Yet – I am presenting here two extremely important aspects of this contemporary legend, one is his attempts to establish a connexion between Tagore’s songs and Classical music, and another is an extensive discussion with Late Ustad Ali Akbar Khan about the nuances of Sarod playing, and music in general.

Pandit Buddhadev Dasgupta (1933-2018)

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Buddhadev Das GuptaIn Conversation with Ustad Ali Akbar Khan (AIR recording)162m 51s
Buddhadev Das GuptaGat extracted from Tagore's songs.16m 38s

Late Pt. Buddhadev Das Gupta

A tentative catalogue of existing (and re-mastered) recordings
26.6 GBTotal22h33m28s
924294774Buddhadev Das GuptaBageshreeMalhar43.39
1253860750Buddhadev Das GuptaBarwaNayan Ghosh, Bombay59.14
255020226Buddhadev Das GuptaBhairaviAnandagopal Banerjee, NJ198912.02
268699934Buddhadev Das GuptaBhairavi12.41
1614745134Buddhadev Das GuptaBhimpalashi76.16
943926014Buddhadev Das GuptaChhayaAnindo Chatterjee199444.35
1502516446Buddhadev Das GuptaChhayanatZakir Hussain198970.58
553378110Buddhadev Das GuptaDesi Todi198526.08
1591214166Buddhadev Das GuptaGaud Malhar75.11
1239089846Buddhadev Das GuptaJaijaiwanti, SurmalharZakir Hussain58.32
1537831182Buddhadev Das GuptaJhinjhotiSamar Saha72.38
1554343322Buddhadev Das GuptaJogAnindo Chatterjee73.25
606244878Buddhadev Das GuptaKafi Kanada28.38
1349656110Buddhadev Das GuptaKamodZakir Hussain198963.45
1233342550Buddhadev Das GuptaKaushi KanadaSamar Saha58.15
1521852838Buddhadev Das GuptaKedarAnandagopal Banerjee71.53
1239716746Buddhadev Das GuptaKedarZakir Hussain198958.33
1176556558Buddhadev Das GuptaKukubh Bilawal55.34
1285733838Buddhadev Das GuptaMaluha Kalyan & Desh60.44
737301110Buddhadev Das GuptaMegh195634.49
769878574Buddhadev Das GuptaMiyan-ki-MalharAnandagopal Banerjee, NJ198936.22
410628350Buddhadev Das GuptaNand, Tilak Kamod199219.23
1663510846Buddhadev Das GuptaPuriya DhaneshriShankar Ghosh, Punjab198678.35
431872934Buddhadev Das GuptaShudh & Brindavani Sarang198520.24
637556686Buddhadev Das GuptaSuddh Bilawal198530.07
328811862Buddhadev Das GuptaTilak KamodAnandagopal Banerjee15.32
244403924Buddhadev Das GuptaTilak KamodNayan Ghosh, Bombay11.32
288689118Buddhadev Das GuptaTilak Kamod (Calcutta)13.38
1485742070Buddhadev Das GuptaYaman (Calcutta)70.11

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